Budget Development 2010-2011



CKSD Works to Address Budget Challenges in 2010-2011 and Beyond


Central Kitsap School District hosted four Community Budget Meetings in March regarding development of the CKSD Operating Budget for next school year (2010-11). CKSD parents and community members were invited to attend to learn more about the budget process and to provide feedback.


To view the Community Budget Meeting presentation, please click here.

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CKSD continues to face significant funding challenges stemming from decreasing state funding, decreasing enrollment, and increased costs. Without substantial changes at the federal or state levels to fully fund education, these challenges will continue.


“Although the responsibility for fully funding public schools rests on the state Legislature, it repeatedly falls short of doing so,” said Superintendent Greg Lynch. “This reality was realized formally last month, when King County Superior Court Judge John Erlick ruled that the state is failing to meet its constitutional duty to provide ample funding for schools.”


Based upon initial state budget proposals, CKSD could be required to reduce up to $4.3 million from its $115 million budget. Student achievement and academic success are at risk if the proposed state cuts become a reality. The District will not know the full extent of its budget shortfall until the final state budget is released.


“Our proactive and fiscally conservative approach over the last several years allowed us to avoid the large-scale layoffs faced last spring by other districts throughout the state and to keep cuts away from the classroom,” said Lynch. “However, our financial future rests with our legislators and governor. We have already made all the reductions we could without taking drastic measures, but we have no financial capacity to absorb additional multi-million dollar reductions.”

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Frequently Asked Questions (2009-10 Budget Development)

The significant funding challenges faced by CKSD stem from decreased enrollment, decreased state funding, and increased costs. Without significant changes from the federal or state levels to fully fund education, these challenges will continue.  (Click here to learn more about the gap between state funding and the amount needed to fund basic needs of education.)

In an effort to address current funding challenges, the CKSD Board of Directors called upon the Washington State Legislature to fully fund K-12 education, describing it as the state's "paramount duty." (Please click here to learn more about the School Board's call for full state funding.)

The preliminary 2010-11 CKSD budget was presented to the Board on June 30. The final 2010-11 CKSD budget was presented to the Board on August 11, 2010 during the Regular School Board Meeting.


2010-2011 General Fund Basic Budget Facts


This information summarizes the Central Kitsap School District's 2010-11 General Fund Budget. The budget development process works well and results in budget allocations that are fair, balanced, and in alignment with the Central Kitsap School District's mission of All Students Learning Well.


This budget continues to reflect our commitment to students:

  • 71.09% of CKSD's budget is allocated to the classroom--compared to the state average of 70.00%.
  • The percentage of the 2010-11 Budget allocated to "Central Administration" has been, and continues to be, one of the lowest in the state.