Volunteer Program

Volunteering with Central Kitsap Public Schools


Thank you for investigating the volunteer program at Central Kitsap! Great schools make great communities, and Central Kitsap Schools cannot do it alone. Our students benefit when you share your talents and time by tutoring, mentoring, and assisting with activities.

How You Can Volunteer

Volunteering only takes a few simple steps:

  1. The process starts with completing the Volunteer Application and Disclosure form

  2. Bring the form, along with your driver's license or military ID, to the Volunteer Coordinator at the school where you want to volunteer.

  3. Tell us a little about yourself and your areas of interest by completing the Volunteer Application.

After your background check is successfully completed, the Volunteer Coordinator will match your expertise, interests, and skills with staff requests for volunteers.


Senior Tax Exchange Program



This program was created in response to concerns of local citizens who are living on fixed incomes, experiencing rising property taxes and do not have children enrolled in public schools.  It acknowledges the fiscal needs of schools and adds resources in the form of helpers.  Qualifying residents who participate will not replace existing staff positions.




Purpose:  To reduce the impact of local school property taxes for senior citizens. To increase the contributions of senior citizens in public schools.
Enrollment: Residents 62 years of age or older who own and reside in their own home within the Central Kitsap School District boundaries, receive Social Security or retirement income, and have a gross household annual income of more than *$35,000 and less than $65,000.  One resident owner per household per year may participate.
Program: Qualifying residents provide their skills (valued at the current hourly Washington State minimum wage) to Central Kitsap School District in exchange for reimbursement of the local school portion of their annual property tax.   The annual total may not exceed $599 per resident household for the first year.  Subsequent years' totals may not exceed $430 per resident household.

Participants will receive a two-party check payable to themselves and the Kitsap County Treasurer in time for the April and/or October collection deadlines.  Minimum time donation is 20 hours.

Community Schools staff administer the application process, place helpers on a first-come, first-serve basis, track hours and submit figures to the business office for payment of two-party checks.
Example: If your CK home is valued at $200,000.
       Local School M&O tax............$2.01/$1,000 assessed value
       Local School bond tax...........$1.78/$1,000 assessed value
2006 local M&O plus bond tax....$3.79/$1,000 x $200,000 = $758.00
$599 of this tax bill is eligible for the first year.
$430 of this tax bill is eligible for subsequent years.
*Note: If your household income is less than $35,000 annually, you may qualify for tax assistance through Kitsap County.  Contact the County Treasurer at (360) 337-7135.

Volunteer Coordinators


Schools Volunteer Coordinators Phone Numbers
Central Kitsap HS Shauna Gilliespie (360) 662-2400
Olympic HS Jenny Ludwig (360) 662-2700
Klahowya Secondary Jenaye Lusk (360) 662-4000
Central Kitsap JH Jan Rogers (360) 662-2300
Fairview JH Wendy Merley (360) 662-2600
Ridgetop JH Marjie Lingol (360) 662-2900
Brownsville Jan Mueller  (360) 662-8000
Clear Creek Kim Klahr (360) 662-8100
Cottonwood Beverly Johnson (360) 662-8300
Cougar Valley Becky Bailes (360) 662-8400
Emerald Heights Kathy Mulligan (360) 662-8500
Esquire Hills Tina Bale (360) 662-8600
Green Mountain Shannon Foutch (360) 662-8700
Jackson Park Diane Yetter (360) 662-9000
PineCrest Doraine Kuske (360) 662-9200
Silver Ridge Pia Trei (360) 662-9500
Silverdale Theresa Martin  (360) 662-9400
Woodlands Melissa Snyder (360) 662-9700
Alternative High School Richard Arena (360) 662-2570
Ski School (CKJH) Eric Samson (360) 662-2300

For more information about Volunteering, please call Central Kitsap Community Schools at (360) 662-1635.