Board of Directors


President: Mark Gaines

Term Ends:

Phone: (360) 692-1843

Representing Area II:
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  • Jackson Park Elementary

  • Silverdale Elementary

  • Central Kitsap Junior High School

  • Central Kitsap High School

  • Alternative Schools

Vice President: Bruce Richards

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Phone: (360) 698-4113

Representing Area I:
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  • Cottonwood Elementary

  • Woodlands Elementary

  • Fairview Junior High School

  • Olympic High School

Legislative Representative: Eric Greene

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Phone: (360) 434-0110

Representing Area V:
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  • Cougar Valley Elementary

  • Green Mountain Elementary

  • Klahowya Secondary School

Member: Jeanie Schulze

Term Ends: 2015

Phone: (360) 779-3718


Representing Area IV:
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  • Clear Creek Elementary

  • Emerald Heights Elementary

  • Silver Ridge Elementary

  • Ridgetop Junior High

Member: Christopher Stokke

Term Ends:

(360) 692-5190

Representing Area III:
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  • Brownsville Elementary

  • Esquire Hills Elementary

  • PineCrest Elementary

Student Representative

The function of the Student Representative is to serve the District's secondary students (grades 7-12) by acting as a communications liaison between the Board of Directors and the District-wide Student Senate.  This responsibility includes conveying student opinion to the Board regarding items under consideration and reporting to the Student Senate on Board deliberations and actions.