Central Kitsap School District Curriculum & Instruction

Welcome to your resource center for Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment in Central Kitsap School District.

The Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Department supports the learning of all students and staff and provides meaningful information about educational programs to parents and community members. While CK staff work together to engage all students in meeting standards and to align instructional materials and learning strategies, the collaborative efforts of parents are also critical to the education of children.

Common Core Standards 

This website is designed to provide you with useful information about instructional programs, links to key educational websites, and guidelines for parent support. Relevant contact information is available throughout the site for your questions and suggestions. Thank you for your continued interest and participation in the education of the children of Central Kitsap School District.


Jill Carlson
Director for Curriculum & Instruction

Curriculum Team



Jill Carlson

Jill Carlson

Director of Curriculum

(360) 662-1712, jillc@cksd.wednet.edu

Curriculum & Instruction, Research & Evaluation, Student Services, Information and Library Services, Science Kit Center, Music, Title II

Zapatka, Jeni

Jeni Zapatka

Assistant Director of Curriculum

(360) 662-1715, jeniz@cksd.wednet.edu

Curriculum & Instruction, Library Services, Science Kit, Title II, Music, Grants

Wyatt, Chris

Chris Wyatt

Director of Student Services

(360) 662-1677, chrisw@cksd.wednet.edu

District Assessment Coordinator, Title I/LAP, English Language Development, Indian Education, Section 504, K-12 Reading and Math Interventions, Highly Capable

No Photo Available

Kim Burchett

Support Secretary, Student Services

(360) 662-1734, kimbu@cksd.wednet.edu

Indian Ed, Assessment, Kindergarten Early Entrance, Highly Capable Support

Johnson, Alexa

Alexa Clark

Administrative Secretary, Curriculum & Instruction

(360) 662-1712, alexac@cksd.wednet.edu

Support for Director and Assistant Director, Professional Development Leave Forms, Instructional Materials Committee, Community Flyers, Mentor Teacher Support, Music, Title II, Grants, Budget, Achieve

Dowell, Doug

Doug Dowell

Curriculum Specialist

(360) 662-1728, dougd@cksd.wednet.edu 

STEM Grant Program Manager, 9-12 Science

Evans, Molly

Molly Evans

Curriculum Specialist

(360) 662-1724, mollye@cksd.wednet.edu

Early Childhood Learning, K-5 Reading Interventions

No Photo Available

Ila Frasquillo

Science Kit Coordinator

(360) 662-1820, ilaf@cksd.wednet.edu

No Photo Available

Jeff Friers

Curriculum Specialist

(360) 662-1723, jefff@cksd.wednet.edu 

K-8 Science

Palei Davidson

Palei Davidson

Data Analysis Specialist

(360) 662-1643, paleid@cksd.wednet.edu

No Photo for Vickie Lee

Vickie Lee

Staff Development Secretary, Curriculum & Instruction

360-662-1713, vickiel@cksd.wednet.edu 

Staff Development (flyers, registration, clock hours, credits), Summer Institute, Professional Development, Competencies Plus, CPR

Morrow, Michelle

Michelle Morrow

Curriculum Specialist

(360) 662-1738, michellem@cksd.wednet.edu

6-12 Literacy and Interventions, Reading and Writing COE

Jenni Narimatsu

Jenni Narimatsu

Curriculum Specialist

(360) 662-1710, jennin@cksd.wednet.edu 

McKinney-Vento (Homeless Support), Medicaid, Assessments (STAR) 

Noyer, Lorri

Lorri Noyer

Secretary, Curriculum & Instruction

(360) 662-1716, lorrin@cksd.wednet.edu 

Instructional Materials Support, Summer Academy

No Photo Available

Lisa Pitcher

Curriculum Specialist

(360) 662-1678, lisapi@cksd.wednet.edu  

Elementary New Teacher Mentor, Diversity, Mentor Program Coordinator, Professional Development, Achieve

Roberts, Stacy

Stacy Roberts

Student Services Office Manager

(360) 662-1677, stacyr@cksd.wednet.edu 

Title I/LAP, Indian Ed, ELD, Interpreters, K-12 Interventions, Support for Director of Student Services, Highly Capable

Jenn Cleven

Jen Cleven

Technology Integration Specialist

(360) 662-1717, jenniferc@cksd.wednet.edu  

Catherine Pitcher

Catherine Pitcher

K-12 Math, Math COE

(360) 662-1727, catherinep@cksd.wednet.edu  

JD Sweet

JD Sweet

Secondary Beginning Teacher Mentor, Diversity

(360) 662-1719, JDS@cksd.wednet.edu  

No Photo Available

Christine Frantzen

Future Ready Learning Coach

(360) 662-1733, christinef@cksd.wednet.edu  

No Photo Available

Brandi Snow

Future Ready Learning Coach

(360) 662-1729, brandis@cksd.wednet.edu