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The CKSD Mentoring Program is a school-based program where high school and adult mentors work with a mentee to develop positive relationships between schools, students, parents, and communities with the common goal of providing resources for academic success.


Sharing Our Success Stories

After a mentee moved from a school: The Teen Mentor is amazing! On Wednesday, one of my students said, “Yeah! It’s Wednesday, M is coming!” All the student said, “YEAH!” Then they remember he wasn’t coming because his mentee moved and the students were so disappointed. He didn’t just make an impact of D, he did with all the students in my class. AMAZING!!
The Teen Mentor was able to follow him to the new school and…. “Just to let you know that M came Wednesday and when I walked him into D’s classroom—it was glorious! D’s little face absolutely lit up! He just sat and stared at M, as if it were an apparition. Then when I told him he had a visitor, he walked over to his teacher and asked if it was okay—I really think he just couldn’t believe it! Very cute!”

"This program has helped my son so much. He was struggling emotionally at school because of some issues with peers. His mentor gave him a reason to go to school and made a huge positive impact on his self-esteem. As a parent I am beyond thankful for this opportunity and the smile it put on my son's face."

"A, when she knows ahead that her mentor is to come, has improved attendance. If having a mentor is getting her to come to school, this is a win-win situation. Her “track record” had been very poor."

"H really enjoys her time with Mrs. W. Since we started the program, H has taken more care with her appearance and seems happier."

"Mentoring was mainly for social interaction since my son is slightly autistic. I think it’s helped him come a little bit more out of his shell. D seemed to really look forward to his friend M’s visits. He even mentioned M by name on some occasions which was a big step for him since getting him to talk about his school day takes a little effort on our part and his. I would like to tell M thank you for making a difference in our son’s life. I think it made him feel like he could relate to someone and what it feels like to have a friend. Thank you so much."

"B is a quite shy. She has grown in her confidence and her expression and willingness to make comments. She converses easily (which is not typically her behavior) with her mentor. O has been an outstanding mentor noting B’s love of art bringing wonderful activities for B. B has made significant growth under O’s guidance."

"She loves her time with A. Their time was planned to have the least impact on work time for D. They have been doing activities that in some way support D’s vocabulary and reading. D has shown significant improvement in reading since working with A."

"G’s attitude has improved considerably! He is more engaged and excited about accomplishing and completing class assignments/labs. He still is not getting homework completed and turned in but class assignment improvement is huge!"

"Such a remarkable difference! I am so please A has made this most positive turn around. She is not a ‘victim' any longer and knows how to get what she wants by advocating for it rather than being the poor down-trodden little girl. She has more self-confidence and is truly enjoying life now. Thanks! This has been a huge life changing experience for A!"

"T loves having her mentor visit. Her mentor comes at a time when the students are allowed to make choices and T has loved playing games with her and telling her all about her classroom. This has been very confidence boosting for T."

"Last year I was unable to try out for the school team because of my grades, after working on setting goals with my mentor I was able to try out this year!"

"As a mentee was putting a letter in his backpack, there was a much battered shoebox wrapped in raggedy notebook paper. He looked up with absolutely beaming eyes and said, 'This is a present for my mentor, D***, he is the best! And he comes tomorrow—I can’t wait!' Then he told me that they read together and then go outside 'even if there’s muddy puddles!' He said, 'He wrote on a paper D*** plus N*** equals AWESOME!' He was absolutely beaming the entire time he talked about his mentor!! This is what it’s all about!"

***To protect our mentors and mentees privacy, we have removed names and locations.

Become a Mentor!

Do you want to make a difference in the life of a student?  Do you have an hour a week?  If so, mentoring is for you!  There are no educational requirements and experience is not necessary.  Apply today!


Students Receiving Mentoring Services



Adult Mentoring Numbers

Adult mentors are community members, 18 years of age or older, who have reliable transportation, no criminal record for the last five years, and no history of crimes against children. They are matched with a CKSD student for a minimum of one school year, meeting for an hour a week during regular school hours.


Teen Mentor Numbers

Teen mentors attend one of our high schools, have earned good grades, attend school regularly, and want to make a difference in the lives of younger students. They are matched with an elementary student for a school year, meeting for an hour a week during elementary school hours.



What Do Mentors Do? 

When mentors are matched with their mentees, we try to ensure that there is a common link.  Common interests between matched pairs drive the direction of the mentoring experience.  Whether it is working on homework, playing a board game, engaging in a pre-planned activity or just talking the partners make the decision for weekly interactions.


How Do I Become a Mentor?

Click the following link and complete the online application.  After submission, your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted by the program administrator.  If you have a school preference, please indicated on the application.


Complete the Online Mentor Application
Complete the Volunteer Application and Disclosure Form (PDF)


What's Happening

Before working with students, prospective mentors must:

1. complete an online application* (prior to training)

2. attend a training session

* Please register for a training session through the building-level coordinator after completing your appplication.
Adult mentor trainings are held in the Board Room of the Jenne-Wright Administration Center, 9210 Silverdale Way NW. Please register through your building-level coordinator.  

Questions? Please call Lisa Pitcher at (360) 662-1726 or e-mail



View the mentoring program presentation given during the school board meeting on January 8, 2013.



Other Kitsap County Mentoring Services

You can make a big difference in the life of a child who needs your friendship and support by contacting one of these programs:


School-Based Mentor Programs


  • KATS Mentor Program
    (Kitsap Alternative Transition School)
    Adults mentor teens at-risk for dropping out of school
    (360) 337-5552 e-mail:
  • PALS Program
    (Partners in Learning Success)
    Kitsap County employees, School District employees, and community members mentor students in the South Kitsap School District.
    (360) 443-3579 e-mail:
  • Peer Mentor Program
    Poulsbo Middle School students provide academic support for peers.
    (360) 598-1033 e-mail:
  • R.E.A.C.H. for Success
    Adults mentor students grades K-12
    (360) 551-5138 e-mail:
  • SAGE Mentor Program
    (Support, Advice, Guidance, Education)
    Local community members and Suquamish Tribe employees mentor elementary students at Suquamish Elementary in the North Kitsap School District.
    (360) 394-6916 e-mail:
  • Teen Mentor Program
    High school students mentor elementary students
    (360) 337-4878 e-mail:
  • Post-Residential Mentoring Program Washington Youth Academy
    Adults mentor teens 16 - 19 years old in the Academy for 17.5 months (required commitment)
    (360) 447-2073 e-mail:

Community-Based Mentor Programs


  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Puget Sound
    Adults mentor youth ages 7 - 16.
    (253) 396-9630, ext 7 Website:
  • CHAMPS Program
    (Churches as Mentoring Partners with Schools)
    Faith-based program matches adults with children/youth in the South Kitsap and North Kitsap areas.
    (253) 225-1270 e-mail:
    (360) 297-8705 e-mail:  Website:
  • JRA Mentoring Program
    Adults mentor incarcerated/paroled youth.
    (253) 476-7118 Contact Cassie Tabery e-mail:
  • Juvenile Services Mentor Program
    Adults mentor at-risk youth on probation
    (360) 337-5466 or (360) 990-9191 e-mail:
  • Mentoring Children of Promise
    (A Volunteer of America program)
    Adults mentor children/youth who have an incarcerated parent.
    (360) 536-2369 e-mail: Website:

Workforce Mentoring


  • NAVSEA Keyport - Mentoring Network Program
    Mentoring is provided at place of employment among employees.
    (360) 315-6781

Washington State Mentor Website


The Washington State Mentoring Website lists all the active RSS feeds.
Website Contact: Dylan Green (425) 679-5568 e-mail:

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